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The principles of theservices are built around creating an environment of continuous improvement.This is ideally done through partnering with the companies to create along-term value adding engagement. 

Review and Recommendations

Health check, Consulting Service

If you have ever wondered if you supply chain is running optimally, but are not sure. Maybe you know it’s not but not sure where to focus. Then this service is for you. We will be able to give you a status of how well your supply chain is functioning, and where the focus should be to drive improvements

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  • Understand the people structures and operational functioning
  • Understand the company strategy to make sure the SC/Logistics divisions is aligned to support this
  • Look at product flow, and facility layout and design
  • Recommend improvements to be done to the facilities, based on experience and best practice
  • Recommend operational changes
  • Look at current KPI’s and reporting, and recommend changes to drive and track improvement
  • Review the financial information available to recommend if improvements can be made to drive operational focus linked to the management accounts
  • Limited data analysis
  • Outcomes:
  • Report of recommendations with guidance on how these could be implemented
Optimization Design

Consulting Service

So you know you can improve your supply chain. You have the desire to improve your supply chain, but just need some help to get the momentum going. This service will be able to establish the foundation on which you can then build many years of continued improvement.

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  • Include detailed data analysis to understand the following:
    • Layout and flow
    • Inbound and outbound order and delivery review
    • Inventory review
    • Inbound and outbound flow optimization
    • Capacity constraints
  • Full process understanding, and review (Include high level documentation)
  • Overall work rate reporting based on available information linked to the management accounts
  • Outcomes:
    • Report of recommended areas and changes that should be done
    • Roadmap of how these changes can be approached
    • Expected cost and benefit for the proposed changes
    • Working with the management team to understand the detail of the recommendations and the detail of how these should be implemented
    • Measurement program, link to process, linked to action
Optimization Managed Service

Consulting with Profitshare model

Sometimes even with the best willingness, it can be difficult to stick to the plan over a long period. This service can help, after the foundations are laid and there is a plan is place, we can direct to make sure the long term value is actually achieved. This is the preferred way of working, with a true partnership in mind.

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  • The focus here is on a shared risk and reward model
  • Include “Optimization Design” service
  • Performance management program
  • Have agreed measurements and milestones for review
  • Progress to be monitored over the longer agreed period, against agreed financial returns
  • Will have a full change management and implementation plan in place
  • Have agreed KPI’s and financial benefit measurements in place
  • Will have review visits planned, to track the progress and re-adjust where required
Project Specific Services

Consulting Service

With the broad range of experience we carry there are many project based benefits we can offer. This is where we can tailor a proposal to meet your specific needs. Whether this be advisory or hands on, we have a track record of delivering to agreement, and making sure you see the value of what you set out to achieve.

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  • Facility design
    • New logistics facilities
    • Enhancements to existing facilities (Storage and Flow)
  • Project management of Supply Chain related projects
  • Manage the request for proposal projects to do with
    • Purchase of new logistics equipment
    • New warehouse management system or transport management system

Let us Help You Improve Your Supply Chain

We will bring true value to companies within the supply chain space, through continuous improvement, and linking what we do, to your strategy, delivering a true bottom line return.