The Argon-SCE Vision

We are driven by the desire to remove inefficiencies. Being involved in supply chain for many years we have seen to often how inefficiencies are left to cost companies in real monetary terms. It was seeing how many struggled to get the right foundation in place to identify and removes these inefficiencies that lead to the start of Argon Supply Chain Execution.


The principles of the services are built around creating an environment of continuous improvement. This is ideally done through partnering with the companies to create a long-term value adding engagement. 

Holding this at the core, even shorter-term consulting engagements can be built on to create longer term value adding partnering engagements.

Backed up by solid foundations

Argon supply chain execution has a relationship with it’s sister company Argon supply chain solutions. The value comes through Argon SCS being a quality implementation partner for SAP Warehouse and transport solutions and Argon SCE being able to guide companies on how to yield the best value from these.

60 Years of Collective Experience

Founded by people that have been involved in supply chain for over 60 years collectively. Local and international experience with some of the largest companies in their sectors. This includes retail, FMCG, manufacturing and e-commerce. 

Sean van Harmelen
Peter Kerr
David Webb

Labor Saving Seen in Warehouse Environments

With the correct measures, structures and focus we have see significant costs savings

Inbound up to 25%
Through/Picking of 10% to 20%
Inventory of 5% to 20%
Outbound of up to 20%
MHE manning of 15%
Additional benefits gained

Increased volume throughput within the same space. This could assist in achieving company strategy, or delaying additional capital build projects.

Improvement in the upstream and downstream process integration through the understanding of the impacts throughout the supply chain. This has become more critical in the complexity of the modern supply chain.

Let us Help You Improve Your Supply Chain

We will bring true value to companies within the supply chain space, through continuous improvement, and linking what we do, to your strategy, delivering a true bottom line return.